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The service is a panel of experienced and accredited UK personal injury solicitors who provide legal personal injury advice by telephone for those who have sustained an injury or loss in circumstances for which they were not entirely to blame. Our service caters for both victims of negligence, and those who may have recently lost somebody close to them, who wish to make a personal injury claim in the UK.

Personal Injury Experience Matters

The benefit of experience means not only can we provide an accurate assessment of your personal injury claim, but we understand the impact your injury or loss has made to your quality of life. This understanding enables us to communicate legal issues with thoughtfulness in uncomplicated English – enabling you to comprehend the procedures for making a personal injury claim in the UK more clearly.

Maximising the Value of Your Claim

As we develop a closer relationship with our clients, more personal issues are revealed to us – personal issues which may significantly increase the value of your personal injury compensation. In the UK, the way in which the law is structured means that if we make a settlement on your behalf, we cannot go back for more if something later comes to light. By establishing a friendly rapport at an early stage, we can ensure that we maximise the value of your personal injury compensation claim.

Accredited for Your Security

The service is accredited by both the Law Society and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. This accreditation is awarded to solicitors who adhere to the high professional standards of integrity and confidentiality demanded by these two bodies, and is your security that we are both trustworthy and fair in our business practices.

It Costs Nothing to Find Out More

Should you have any questions about us or about making a personal injury claim in the UK, it costs nothing to find out more. Our freephone injury claims advice service is open to anybody with a genuine enquiry 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no obligation on you to use our legal services once you have spoken with us and no pressure will be put on you to do so. You will always find us impartial and practical – courteous and helpful.

This website is about UK traffic accident. Please click here for information about claiming for traffic accidents in Ireland: personal injury claims.

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UK Traffic Accidents

To protect both your health and any potential claim, you should visit your doctor for a complete medical examination as soon as you can following your accident.