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UK Traffic Accidents

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The service is set up in such a way that you are able to contact us to discuss personal injury compensation in the UK at any time day or night. Our free injury claims advice service is available on seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, or you can contact us via any of the call-back forms which appear on the pages of our web site.

Before You Contact Us

Often, before you contact us, it can be helpful to write down the most important questions you wish to ask us, and have a pad and paper alongside you throughout the conversation. This way, it is easy for you to make notes and ensure that all your questions are answered. Obviously, if you think of more questions once you have spoken with us, you are more than welcome to call back again.

Addressing Your Concerns

For people who have never spoken with a personal injury solicitor before, picking up the phone – no matter how well you are prepared – can be an ordeal in itself. We acknowledge that you have recently experienced a severe physical or emotional trauma and will understand if you are apprehensive about speaking with us, angry about what has happened to you or a loved one, or tearful because you are uncertain about what will happen in the future.

A Courteous and Resourceful Service

The service aims to provide a courteous and resourceful service to everybody who contacts us in respect of a claim for personal injury in the UK, and being concerned about dealing with a legal professional over the telephone should not dissuade you from contacting us. If, for any reason, you are unable to continue with the conversation for any reason, you are always welcome to speak with us again.

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UK Traffic Accidents

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UK Traffic Accidents

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We respect your privacy and never
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UK Traffic Accidents

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Please Remember

Your first priority should
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UK Traffic Accidents

To protect both your health and any potential claim, you should visit your doctor for a complete medical examination as soon as you can following your accident.