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The service adheres strictly to the SolicitorĀ“s Code of Conduct (2007) as published by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in terms of privacy and confidentiality. All of the solicitors who provide a service on the service are qualified and accredited by both the Law Society and the Association of Professional Lawyers.

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The web site collects data relating to the volume of visitors that use our site, but does not use “cookies” or any other form of data retrieval software to gather personal information. Consequently, no database of visitors to the web site is maintained. We would advise you to read the privacy policies of web sites that may be linked to us as their standards may be different.

Requests for Legal Assistance

The web site contains forms which you are invited to complete and submit if you would like to be contacted by a personal injury solicitor. These requests for legal assistance are sent directory to a solicitor and not stored in any form of database. You will only be contacted by the service when you have requested us to do so.


All conversations that take place between you and a solicitor on behalf of the service are strictly confidential. No records of such a conversation will be maintained on a publicly accessible database and we never sell your details on to marketing companies or third parties. We take our position as one of the leading legal advice organisations in the UK very seriously and we guarantee to respect your privacy.

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UK Traffic Accidents

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UK Traffic Accidents

To protect both your health and any potential claim, you should visit your doctor for a complete medical examination as soon as you can following your accident.